for only 160 EUR

**** The Kory RoxBox ****
A Monthly Surprise Gift Box!!!

One of these items below will randomly arrive to YOUR HOME OR MAILBOX EACH month!!!

* Kory Clarke’s Brand New Album ‘ Payback’s a Bitch” (seen in the studio of the new documentary) coming out this summer!!!

* A New signed Poster from the new Album (60 x 90cm)

* A Kory Clarke New Documentary
This fun Documentary has quite a bit of the new album being recorded in the studio.

* An Original Painting by Kory Clarke anarchist – abstract style (60 x 90cm).

Kory Clarke started selling his paintings in 2009 and has sold over 200 pieces. His art is always big and very affordable, these are not for snobs, they are for the every day guy (usually rockers), and they look great indoors or out. They are high energy expressive abstract with words and without words.

Economical to frame can be advised by writing in to us.

* A choice of words of one of the below or simply abstract as an option as well

Fuck the Pigs
Ghetto Nation
Warrior Soul
The Losers
Love Destruction
Rotten Soul

* Brand New Album T’ Shirt
These limited T-shirts will be out tin the summer!

* “STIFF MIDDLE FINGER” Download of the last and newest Warrior Soul Album!!!
This Album was released in 2012. It’s had great reviews due to it’s classic Warrior Soul style lyrics. Hit songs included ‘Junky Stripper’, ‘Occupy’, ‘Planetary Revolution’, ‘Light Your Bonfires’ and ’2012′. Kory Clarke invited Mark Gemini Thwaite from Mob Research, Peter Murphy and The Mission and another couple surprises.

* New Kory Clarke Rare Photobook with lyrics and art prints included (limited)

This will be a collection of photographs from being on stage and in the studio at various points of Kory’s career. Also included will be prints of his art and some of his favourite chosen lyrics/poetry.

Immediately upon signing up, you will receive your choice of:

A download of Kory Clark’e poetry Album “Spoken Word 1.2″
This Album contains over 15 tracks of Spoken Word and spoken word based material
A download of Acoustic Album ‘Light Your Bonfires”
A great compilation of the classics and new songs, all played by Kory Clarke. This raw approach is just guitar and vocals.
A download of Opium Hotel II
Following Opium Hotel I, this album was released in 2010. Songs include: “Super Drug”. “Kiss on This”,

CONTACT US AT for info on details and prices!!!

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Kory Clarke has recorded his latest release in the most beautiful and coolest up and coming art city of Porto in Portugal this time. His new solo record ‘Payback’ has already the trademark of one of those unforgettable records where every song could easily be a single. A blend of sounds from different genres from Rock and Soul to Country and Blues.

The Producer and multi talented/multi instrumentalist Andre Indiana and his wife, Singer/Songwriter Monica Ferraz, who between them have charted 5 Number One’s on the radio in this territory, invited Clarke to come down to Porto to record on their new collaboration.
They were all out on the town one night when Clarke sang “Meet Me In Las Vegas” to Indiana and they decided then and there to do the record. This amazing combination of talent, inspired them to create this wonderful record. Monica Ferraz’s soulful backing vocals on some of the songs and some of Indiana’s arrangements with invited guests on saxophones, strings and pianos make this quite a refreshing departure from some of Kory’s previous works yet retaining the energy and aggression that he is so well known for.

With Kory’s unmistakable lyrics, voice, energy and sounds on this new record, plus Andre’s expertise in the studio and playing almost all the instruments, this joint collaboration adds to the catalog of quality Clarke has been delivering for over 20 years and undoubtedly will make this Album a Classic. This is the comeback record we’ve all been waiting for.

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Kory Clarke’s Brand New Album to be released early summer… stay tuned…

The Mad Dog Frontman and Producer Kory Clarke is starting the 2014 Touring Season playing close and personal in small clubs all over Europe and America. The material will be that of his famous ‘Space Age Playboys’ franchise (Band and Album), which has influenced many a musician in Europe and America, as well as some of the old Warrior Soul favorites before the release of his BRAND NEW ALBUM “PAYBACK”. These events will be revisiting the successful concept of combining a wild rock n’ roll night with Kory Clarke and a full blown band performance with the best musicians of each city! This is an exciting fun way to start the season and introduce the new album. There will be a pre- listening of the new record at the shows too and after the performance, there will be a listening down and a meet and greet with Kory. To top it off, Kory Clarke’s now very well known radical Art is going to be available for purchase at great special prices AT the shows!!!


May 22nd 2014

A Wild Rock Night with Kory Clarke – Budapest:
Together with the infamous Joystix as Kory Clarke’s band for the Night!
Please contact them directly for tickets or contact

The Joystix in the last few years co headlined with the Bellrays, Bloodlights and other similar great bands in the best of Budapest’s rock clubs.


HOFORS, Sweden
May 31st 2014
at ‘JAG FAR SPADER’ Members Club
Support Acts: Welfare and Drunken Autopilot
Snobben Jonasson from the band Gemini Five is Kory Clarke’s special invited guest guitar player for this rock wild night!
Contact Emil Hedlund FOR TICKETS:

Check out:

Thursday, June 5th

At House of Rock TBC
Friday, June 6th

At Grindhouse
Friday, June 13th

ERBA, near Como and Milan
Saturday, June 14th

More dates to follow…

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***2014 Update***

Clarke has been writing and recording for the past few months in Porto, Portugal for his new Solo Album together with major Producer and Musician, Andre Indiana (check him out: and together with Studio Engineer from LA and Portugal and guitarist Miguel Martins. The album will be out in the spring! There will be another update soon!

In the meantime, Kory Clarke is painting so please do feel free to write us via email to for info.

T-shirts are not available as of present, but will be back for the spring/summer.

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UK Tour Dates!!!

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In 2 weeks only!!!! And we JUST confirmed Brighton Bar on May 1st as well!!!!!

May 1st, Brighton Bar, 121 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ.

May 3rd, Dingbatz, 620 VanHouton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013

May 4th (with LOVE/HATE), Revolution Bar, 140 Merrick Rd, Amityville, NY 11701

All these dates with Pete McClanahan back with us on bass, Jason Austin from London UK, on guitar and Joe Amodea from NYC!

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Awesome Live Review From Turin, Italy!

Check out this killer review from The United Club in Turin Italy. It was one of the stand out shows on the recent European leg of the Stiff Middle Finger tour. 

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Spoken Word 1.2 is out now!!!!!!!

This is the Ultimate Spoken Words Collection written by Kory. It’s full of brand new, never before heard material as well as selected poetry from previous records and the “Words 1.1″ record.

The album is over 50 minutes with more than 20 tracks! This latest masterpiece is yours for only $25 (hard copy) or $20 (download only) and can be purchased with PayPal using  korythewords[at]

Thought that was good? Get this………………..

You can add one of the bonus pieces below at a very reduced price sent in the same package!

Spoken word painting                             $99
Flag painting                                           $175
Spoken word 2 panel acrylic (A3)         $29
Spoken word T-Shirt                              $24

All of these are with words of your choice, signed and are one of a kind!!!!

Orders outside the USA please add $25 for shipping and handling.

Things couldn’t get any cooler right? WRONG! These Kory Clarke solo albums are now available to download for only $15 each!!!

Light Your Bonfires (raw, electro-acoustic album) (2012)
Spoken Word 1.1 (2012)
Opium Hotel I (2004)
Opium Hotel II (2011)
The Trial (1984)

Please note these are download only at the moment and please let us know if we can help you any further.

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Stiff Middle Finger Review

When they burst onto the scene at the very first nineties, WARRIOR SOUL was like a kick in the face for many.

Founded by corrosive frontman Kory Clarke, their first politically charged album 1990′s Last Decade Dead Century was a critical sensation, especially in the UK, where listeners readily embraced the band’s insurrectionist rantings as the next big thing.
But the metallic hard rock sound Clarke chosen as his vehicle for scream about justice ultimately lost out to the grunge advent. After a solo adventure, in 2007 Clarke revived Warrior Soul with a new batch of musicians, set out an Euro tour and released a limited edition album.
Now Warrior Soul is returning with the new album “Stiff Middle Finger”, backed by a solid label and plans to tour the world extensively.

It’s been a whole lot of water under the bridge for everyone in the last twenty odd years, and there are different musicians making up Warrior Soul these days.
But one thing that has never changed and never faltered is the undying passion, the magnetism and undoubtable charisma of Kory Clarke, a creatively charged one man revolution with an unquenchable thirst for life and a perennial ‘fuck off’ to the corrupt system.
Kory Clarke cares; and on this new album, ‘Stiff Middle Finger’, his frustration and anger at the injustices in our so called ‘democracies’ is laid bare for all to witness.
Perhaps the track “2012″ is the best way to describe Kory’s manifesto on this recording, an apocalyptic tale listing his and our common enemies, from ‘bullshit prime ministers, Wall Street slime, pharmaceutical wankers’ right down to ‘airport security douchebag cunts’… you get the picture?

But musically that song is dark and almost minimalistic, while the rest of the album is founded on melting riffs and – sometimes – a really smashing, hard hitting rhythm section.
“A Drink To All My Friends” sports the trademark Warrior Soul sound, the spaced out, fuzz encrusted harmonic riffs that saw his band originally labelled as ‘acid punks’ is still as exciting and fresh as it was all those years ago.
A classic early Warrior Soul sound is again all over “Rubikon” where Kory lyrically describes his vision of the New Republic he once told of, and that we should really all be dreaming about.
“Sparkle Baby” continues the rock ‘n’ roll party in more anthemic style, before “Tear” crashes out of the speakers ferociously, both holding some very impressive guitar breaks within their perimeters.

The most ‘angry’, heavily politically charged and call-to-arms tracks are the brooding, lumbering seven minute monster “Light Your Bonfires” and the uprising “Planetary Revolution” with Kory declaring ‘we’re gonna find you, we’re gonna burn you’, all delivered in his typical, meaningful, throaty rasp that’s maturing all the while like whiskey in an oak barrel.
Opener “Occupy” also carries the theme along on a much more sonic level, intoxicating and thought provoking, it also houses the first of some really impressive guitar work to be found throughout the album.
“Junky Stripper” keeps the record rocking along in fine fashion with a song as throwaway as you’ll find in Clarke’s locker, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happily bump and grind away on a riff that’s dirtier and tighter than its subject matter.

In “Stiff Middle Finger” Kory Clarke endeavours to create, when he could be forgiven for resting on former glories the way a lot of his peers have, but that was never the point of this particular and charismatic artist.
Creativity burns at the very core of Clarke’s gut as ferociously as it ever has done; it is, and always has been, the very basis of his appeal, and as music fans in the sub-culture of rock ‘n’ roll we should join together and celebrate that.
These songs are lyrically sharp and mordant, sonically agressive, furious, but never resigning their rock ‘n roll essence.
As usual, “Stiff Middle Finger” is a rockin’, provocative and challenging album by Warrior Soul.
Good one.

01 – Occupy
02 – Planetary Revolution
03 – Wall Street
04 – Junky Stripper
05 – A Drink To All My Friends
06 – 2012
07 – Tear
08 – Sparkle Baby
09 – Rubicon
10 – Light Your Bonfires

Kory Clarke – Vocals
Johnny H – Guitar
Rille Lundell – Guitar
Freddie Cocker Kvarnebrink – Drums
Danny Engström – Bass
John Ricco (ex- Warrior Soul) – Guitar
Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission) – Guitar


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Warrior Soul Mailing List

If you want to get exclusive Warrior soul news including: Tour dates, special offers on Kory’s art and poetry and even some freebies sign up at  korythewords[at] for the new Warrior Soul mailing list. Please include your email address, city and country.

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